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MAY 2015


Editor's Choice: Is Impulsivity a Symptom of Initial Tobacco Withdrawal? A Meta-Analysis and Qualitative Systematic Review

John R. Hughes, Miriam Dash, and Peter W. Callas
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 503-509


Cognitive Effects of Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes, With and Without Nicotine Replacement, in Smokers With Schizophrenia and Controls

Christopher G. AhnAllen, L. Cinnamon Bidwell, and Jennifer W. Tidey
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 510-514

Trends in Use of Little Cigars or Cigarillos and Cigarettes among U.S. Smokers, 2002–2011

Karen Messer, Martha M. White, David R. Strong, Baoguang Wang, Yuyan Shi, Kevin P. Conway, and John P. Pierce
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 515-523

Quantitative Analysis of 3′-Hydroxynorcotinine in Human Urine

Pramod Upadhyaya and Stephen S. Hecht
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 524-529

Gradual Reduction of Cigarette Consumption as a Cessation Strategy: Prevalence, Correlates, and Relationship With Quitting

Gillian L. Schauer, Ann M. Malarcher, and Stephen D. Babb
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 530-538

The Influence of Physical Activity on Cigarette Smoking Among Adolescents: Evidence From Add Health

Mir M. Ali, Aliaksandr Amialchuk, and Lauren R. Heller
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 539-545

Comparison of Native Light Daily Smokers and Light Daily Smokers Who Were Former Heavy Smokers

Laura J. Fish, Kathryn I. Pollak, Taneisha S. Scheuermann, Lisa Sanderson Cox, Charu Mathur, and Jasjit S. Ahluwalia
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 546-551

Determinants of Cigarette Smoking Initiation in Jordanian Schoolchildren: Longitudinal Analysis

Karma McKelvey, Jennifer Attonito, Purnima Madhivanan, Qilong Yi, Fawaz Mzayek, and Wasim Maziak
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 552-558

Ameliorative Effect of Chronic Moderate Exercise in Smoke Exposed or Nicotine Applied Rats From Acute Stress

Pinar Kuru, Seyda Bilgin, Semih Tiber Mentese, Gokhan Tazegul, Sevinc Ozgur, Ozlem T. Cilingir, Dilek Akakin, Aysen Yarat, and Ozgur Kasimay
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 559-565

A Test of the Stress-Buffering Model of Social Support in Smoking Cessation: Is the Relationship Between Social Support and Time to Relapse Mediated by Reduced Withdrawal Symptoms?

Kasey G. Creswell, Yu Cheng, and Michele D. Levine
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 566-571

Does Government Supervision Improve Stop-Smoking Counseling in Midwifery Practices?

Sandra F. Oude Wesselink, Hester F. Lingsma, Petra G. J. Reulings, H. Renske Wentzel, Vicki Erasmus, Paul B. M. Robben, and Johan P. Mackenbach
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 572-579

Assessing Preferences for a University-Based Smoking Cessation Program in Lebanon: A Discrete Choice Experiment

Ramzi G. Salloum, Christine W. Abbyad, Racquel E. Kohler, Allison K. Kratka, Leighanne Oh, and Kathryn A. Wood
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 580-585

Health Care Expenditures Attributable to Smoking in Military Veterans

Paul G. Barnett, Kim Hamlett-Berry, Hai-Yen Sung, and Wendy Max
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 586-591

Estimating Cross-Price Elasticity of E-Cigarettes Using a Simulated Demand Procedure

Randolph C. Grace, Bronwyn M. Kivell, and Murray Laugesen
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 592-598

Cigarette Smoking Trends Among U.S. Working Adult by Industry and Occupation: Findings From the 2004–2012 National Health Interview Survey

Girija Syamlal, Jacek M. Mazurek, Scott A. Hendricks, and Ahmed Jamal
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 599-606


Menstrual Cycle Phase Effects in the Gender Dimorphic Stress Cue Reactivity of Smokers

Michael E. Saladin, Jennifer M. Wray, Matthew J. Carpenter, Erin A. McClure, Steven D. LaRowe, Himanshu P. Upadhyaya, and Kevin M. Gray
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 607-611

Full and Home Smoking Ban Adoption After a Randomized Controlled Trial Targeting Secondhand Smoke Exposure Reduction

Jody S. Nicholson, Michael J. McDermott, Qinlei Huang, Hui Zhang, and Vida L. Tyc
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 612-616

A Profile of Callers to the New South Wales Quitline, Australia, 2008–2011

Anne C. Grunseit, Ding Ding, Caroline Anderson, Debra Crosbie, Sally Dunlop, and Adrian Bauman
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 617-621

Prevalence and Correlates of Switching to Another Tobacco Product to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Gillian L. Schauer, Ann M. Malarcher, and Stephen D. Babb
Nicotine Tob Res 2015 17: 622-627

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