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Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
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Additional resources are available in the member's only section.

The American Lung Association web site contains useful information on the health effects of smoking, tips on smoking prevention for parents, and interesting statistics on the toll that tobacco smoking takes on society. In the "Advocacy" section, learn about the various efforts undertaken to reduce tobacco use in the US: contains a wealth of information on tobacco-related issues, including descriptions of the negative health effects, available treatments to assist with cessation, policy issues, and much more:

This link will connect you to the website of the National Cancer Institute, where you will find information on a toll-free quit line, live chat with advice about quitting smoking, and other general information about smoking:

This website will guide you to quit lines and other smoking cessation advice:

This link will direct you to clinical trials for new smoking cessation interventions that may be available in your area:

This website from the American Cancer Society has an excellent guide to smoking cessation. It also describes the steadily increasing health benefits the longer you stay quit:

Break the Chain of Tobacco Addiction From the Food and Drug Administrtion. Join us in helping break the chain of tobacco addiction by keeping tobacco out of the hands of America's youth: